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New recording lineup

Update July 2021

Please find the APRIL 2021 PRESS RELEASE concerning the new recording lineup:

The Moor Recording Lineup 2021
Press Release April 2021:
After the independent 2018 release “Jupiter’s Immigrants“, Italy’s progressive metal act The Moor has announced a renewed recording lineup for the upcoming material that will see the light in the next months.
Edo Sala (Folkstone) is a brand new entry in the metal collective, while Davide Carraro (Bleed In Vain and The Moor former guitarist) marks his comeback in the scene.
The recording lineup is the following:
Enrico Longhin – Vocals, Guitars, Keys
Massimo Cocchetto – Bass
Davide Carraro – Lead guitar
Edo Sala – Drums
The new material is expected to explore a mix of progressive metal, electronica, and melodic death metal influences.
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