After the single “Wrath of Vultures” (released July 23rd), THE MOOR shakes the underground metal world in its foundations with the announcement of “Emissaries“. The single has been released Friday, October 1st 2021. The song was composed by vocalist-guitarist Enrico Longhin during the first lockdown and then finalized in the latest months, mixing and mastering took place once again at Studio Fredman by acclaimed producer Fredrik Nordström (Architects, Obscura, In Flames, Soilwork…). 

“Who are the Emissaries? They are nothing but the time.”

Artwork by Niklas Sundin (

Studio Line Up:
Enrico Longhin (Vocals, Guitars, Synth)
Davide Carraro (Solo)
Massimo Cocchetto (Bass)
Edo Sala (Drums)

Mixed and Mastered at Studio Fredman, Gothenburg, Sweden by Fredrik Nordström
Recorded at Flameout Studio, Venice, Italy


In a watery grave, it’s all faded
waking up standing on a thin wire
every soul reduced to ash
starving for more and more and more

neglecting the past, omitting the faults
overlooking this sea of hate,
we are the emissaries

come to another day
they fall apart into pieces
just to breathe them
just to leave everything behind
come to another day
they are nothing but the time
it’s all made, drift away
when the emissaries come
feeding the oddity
searching for reasons

together without fear
we shall face the
eclipse, in the reign of starvation
in the year of the hunger
remember what we are made of
and what we were made to become
in the year of the hunger